Food Origins

A dinner at Sorriso is inspired by the rich and distinct cooking traditions found across Italy. It begins with a complimentary salt and olive oil tasting tray—highlighted by superb extra virgin olive oil to complement the taste of each infused salt from different regions of Italy, including Liguria in the north, Tuscany in the center, and Sicily in the south.

Take A Pizza Our Heart

For over 150 years, Italians have enjoyed Pizza Margherita—a pizza inspired by the colors of the Italian flag. An authentic Pizza Margherita starts with a layer of red tomato sauce topped with white mozzarella and green basil. It’s no wonder Italians are so passionate about the meal named after Queen Margherita of Savoy. At Sorriso, we’re proud to serve authentic Pizza Margherita and encourage you to eat your slice as it was intended—with your hands!


Pass The Pasta

Pasta is a quintessential part of Italian cuisine and dates all the way back to 1154 in Sicily. Though if you ask others, the origin of pasta can be traced to the 1st-century, where the writings of Horace described fine sheets of fried dough that were a favorite everyday food. That food was known as lasagna, and it often considered an ancient ancestor to the popular lasagna dish we know—and love—today. Our fresh, handmade pasta is inspired by the secret recipes and ingredients passed down through generations in Italian kitchens.

Saving The Best For Last

There’s no better way to cap off your meal than with a signature Italian dessert, from the Caramel Budino to the traditional Tiramisu. And no Italian meal is truly complete without a cool and refreshing sampling of gelato—a dessert dating back to the 16th-century. Many people think gelato and ice cream are the same thing, but there are key differences. Most notably, gelato contains less air, which gives it a stronger flavor than ice cream. We also make our gelato fresh daily, meaning it’s not only delicious, it’s healthier than traditional ice cream—which means it’s more than okay to go back for seconds!

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